Stories of Dr Muhajir

Dr. Muhajir, Hand of the Cause of God, the Baha'i Faith

If We Miss A Moment, We Cannot Regain It For Centuries To Come

Dr. Muhajir said if the youth aim for the moon, they would be able to catch an eagle. If they aim for the eagle, they would catch the rock. He said the more remote an area, the more receptivity. The tribes share…

Dr. Muhajir in Laos

Dr. Muhajir: “The Less You Expect, The Less You Achieve”

There was a period of time when some of the friends criticized the National Assembly for demanding too much spiritual discipline from the participants in teaching campaigns and institute courses. The National Assembly decided to relax the conditions and let the friends be more ‘normal’ in…

Dr. Muhajir Visiting Baha'is

How Dr. Muhajir Cheered The Hearts Of Pioneers

Two Filipino pioneers recall [Dr. Muhajir’s] visit as the sustaining element in their difficult and lonely existence. In all the years that they were at their post they had no other vistor but him. He would arrive, tired and worn out after travelling for more than eighteen…

How Dr. Muhajir Encouraged The Friends To Do The Impossible

Ms Nasrin Buroumand recalls the challenges that Dr. Muhajir set for the friends: He had come just to meet us – two Persian girls who had pioneered at his instruction…He advised us always to hurry. There was no time to be wasted….