Ms Nasrin Buroumand recalls the challenges that Dr. Muhajir set for the friends:

He had come just to meet us – two Persian girls who had pioneered at his instruction…He advised us always to hurry. There was no time to be wasted. If we needed books we should go to Delhi ourselves and get them. Correspondence and waiting for mail and train parcels was a waste of time. Once he asked us why we did not have all-Baha’i villages. We had to answer frankly that it had never occurred to us. He patiently explained the methods and means for this project and then said, ‘Can you form five thousand Local Assemblies?’ We gasped with shock. He laughed and said, ‘All right how about three hundred?’ This number seemed to be much more attainable and we nodded our agreement. The next time he visited us we could only give the report of one hundred and eighty Local Spiritual Assemblies and seven all-Baha’i villages. He was delighted. His eyes shone with joy and he told us that we had performed miracles and should praise God for this great bounty.