Two Filipino pioneers recall [Dr. Muhajir’s] visit as the sustaining element in their difficult and lonely existence. In all the years that they were at their post they had no other vistor but him. He would arrive, tired and worn out after travelling for more than eighteen hours on trucks and buses, to spend a day or two in their town. He would bring them news of their families whom he had visited in the Philippines, help them financially if they needed it and delivered gifts sent by their relatives. Then, having cheered their hearts, he would leave them with a promise to visit in a few months. Rahmats purpose in visiting the pioneers was not to discuss profound and complicated subjects, or to find out whether they had followed his suggestions. He simply wanted to cheer their hearts and assist them in their work for the Faith. “If I can bring joy to the hearts of Baha’is,” he said, “give them some suggestions to help them in their work and meanwhile teach a few people myself, I have fulfilled my heart’s desire.”