In the many years of my residence at the threshold of the Master’s presence, I often wondered how and by what means was that Blessed Personage able to solve the manifold problems created by the raging storms of adversity and hardship? How was He able, in matters large and small, to act with such dignity, composure and unwavering focus as to appear as though He had absolutely nothing else to do?

One dark night, as ‘Abdu’l-Bahá paced up and down the long front hallway of the reception room, relaxing and easing the stresses of a busy day, He asked me the following question. ‘Do  you know how I administer this Faith?’ Then He said, ‘I pull the sails of the ship firmly and fasten the ropes tight. I locate my destination and then by the power of my will I hold the wheel and head out. No matter how strong the storm, no matter how dangerous the threat to the safety of the ship, I do not change course. I do not become agitated or disheartened; I persevere until I reach my goal. If I were to hesitate or change direction at the sight of every danger, the Ark of the Cause of God would surely fail to reach its destination.’